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May 13, 2010 1 Comment by Michael

It’s tough to get started on Twitter. If people aren’t looking for you, you’re going to have to be proactive and follow others in hopes they’ll follow you back. There are essentially two options to approaching this process: (1) You search for Twitter users that may be interested in your product/service and individually follow them, or (2) you use a “bulk” follower tool to help automate this tedious process.

Bulk follower tools allow you to search for users based on keywords in tweets, profile or “bio” data, and user location among other options. This advanced search functionality allows you to follow targeted users that will likely be interested in your product or service and decide to follow you back.

Check out the video below for a tutorial by YouTube channel tweetaddertips on how to utilize  Tweet Adder, one of the most popular bulk follower applications, to its fullest potential.

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I must warn you, however, that Twitter frowns upon the use bulk follower applications. Although I haven’t found any documentation that explicitly prohibits their use, I have read of many instances where accounts have been frozen and/or shut down because of “unusual activity levels” (e.g. following large amounts of users at one time). My general rule of thumb is to never follow more than 40 users in one clip. If you keep your following activity at a low level such as this, you’ll likely avoid alerting Twitter of unusual activity with your account.

What do you think? Should “bulk following” tools be allowed?

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