Monitoring Facebook Keyword Activity & Status Updates with RSS feeds

Jun 07, 2010 No Comments by Michael

If your once clean and organized Facebook news feed is now a hodgepodge of Farmville updates, fortune cookie monikers, Mafia Wars updates, and other unnecessary notifications do yourself a favor and check out this tutorial. With simple RSS feeds, you can monitor your friends’ status updates, posts, notes, and your own personal notifications without actually visiting

This conveniently hidden trick allows you to easily track what’s going on with your Facebook account from one central place (your RSS reader or social media dashboard).  Unfortunately, Facebook does not allow you to generate RSS feeds for specific keyword monitoring as one can do with Twitter. Hopefully Facebook helps us social marketers out and enables this feature in the near future.

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As mentioned in the video, there are four individual RSS feeds that you can generate to monitor different notifications and updates (again, no specific keyword monitoring yet):

  1. Friends’ Links: Status updates or posts by your friends that contain a link
  2. Friends’ Notes: Any notes your friends posts using the Facebook Notes application
  3. Notifications: Your personal notifications (i.e. new comments, wall posts, likes, etc.)
  4. Friends’ Status Updates: Status updates or posts by your friends that do not contain a link

Thanks to jwz at for figuring out this nifty trick!

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