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Monitoring Facebook Keyword Activity & Status Updates with RSS feeds

Jun 07, 2010 No Comments by Michael

If your once clean and organized Facebook news feed is now a hodgepodge of Farmville updates, fortune cookie monikers, Mafia Wars updates, and other unnecessary notifications do yourself a favor and check out this tutorial. With simple RSS feeds, you can monitor your friends’ status updates, posts, notes, and your own personal notifications without actually [...]

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Creating a Social Media Dashboard

May 15, 2010 5 Comments by Michael

If you feel like your brain is slowly melting from a laborious daily social media routine, you’re likely suffering from information overload. The remedy? Create a “social media dashboard” – a single place where you can track everything that’s happening with your social media efforts across different sites and platforms.
Social Media Dashboard Tutorial: Pt. I
A [...]

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